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Based on True Story, Now a Major Motion Picture, Raazi

Calling Sehmat is a thrilling saga of a spy who, in the service of our nation, gave all of herself and that of her family so that we may live in peace. It is a story of a Kashmiri woman who married a Pakistani Army Officer so as to provide the Indian intelligence with invaluable information during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. Sehmat devised unique ways in her quest to get closer to the top brass in Pakistan. She almost single-handedly torpedoed Pakistans war plans through indefinable courage, wit and determination and was responsible for saving lives of scores of Indian soldiers. The story gives rare insight to the humble yet brave people of Kashmir who not only swear by India but also are willing to sacrifice their very being for the service of our nation.

This is one of the best book that I have read so far. You can experience the thrill, excitement, fear, a lot of emotions in every word that is so delicately yet strongly written. Every chapter brings new emotions and thoughts. You will love to to read the book twice.

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If you have watched the movie RAAZI then you should definately read this book and you have not then still you read the book. Reading this book is far better then watching the movie, it has a very strong and long lasting impact on you. If you loved the movie you will love the book even more!
The book is filled with the feeling of patriotism and sacrifice for nation.
This books will fill you with pride, it will bring out the patriot in you. Kudos to Harinder Sikka for bringing out the tale of this unsung heroine, Sehmat Khan, the amazing Kashmiri spy- princess of the war of 1971. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for inspiration; wanting to witness the power of sheer grit and courage. Wonderful book that must be read to realize how much people like Sehmat Khan went through to safeguard the pride of our country, our 'watan' during the troubled times of war.

“Death and danger will shadow her, but the show must go on.”
-Harinder Sikka,

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