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The Best of Ruskin Bond

A collection of best Short Stories selected by himself

You might have herd about Ruskin Bond , but have you ever read any of his book or short story before? If not then here is a book to start reading his amazing stories.
They are very close to our nostalgic and lovely feeling of nature , childhood. Careful, some expressions might make your eyes wet or you might even shed few tears though that will not be tears of sadness

Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond (born May 19, 1934) is an Indian author of British descent and the father of James Bond, one of the most famous fictional characters in literary history.
He has written many inspiring children's books and has been recognised by the Indian Council for Child Education for his role in the growth of children's literature in India. The Sahitya Akademi Prize is awarded to a literary work for its contribution to the development of children's and youth literature. He was also awarded the Sahitiesa Academy Award for "The Trees Still Growing in Dehra" and received the Sahityanath Kalyan Award, India's highest literary award, in 2006.
Born on 19 May 1934 in Kasauli, India, he is the son of Edith Clarke and Aubrey Bond, the eldest of four children of the famous Bond family.
His father served in the Royal Air Force and frequently traveled from place to place with his son, and he did various jobs to make a living. After a high school education, he went to London, stayed there for two years and then returned to India. While in London, he began to write a novel about an orphaned Anglo-Indian boy named Rusty.
He wrote his first novel at the age of 19 and won the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, which is awarded to authors under 30 from the British Commonwealth. The following year, 1957, H.E. won his second prize for his novel and his third prize in 1958.
Ruskin Bond, best known as a children's author, has had his works filmed in films such as Junoon, directed by Shyam Benegal, as well as in the film adaptation of his novels.
Amrita Bose chatted with the author about his life, his children's books and the film version of Junoon. Ruskin Bond was born Aubrey Bond, son of the late Sir John Bond and his wife Elizabeth Bond.
His father joined the Royal Air Force in 1939 and taught English at the Princess's Jamnagar Palace. Ruskin moved with his mother and sister to his family home in Dehradun, where he lived with his sister Ellen until he was six. Edith Clarke Aubrey Bond was born in London to Sir John Bond and Elizabeth Bond, daughter of the late Sir James Bond.
When Bond was eight, his mother separated from his father and married a Punjabi Hindu, Hari, who separated from her father. Ruskin lived with his sister Ellen in his grandmother's house in Dehradun until he was six years old.
The first five chapters of Khorana's book follow the lives of Ruskin and Bond, followed by the second five and then the last five in the first half of the book. We see how the young Ruskins return to the foothills of the Himalayas, where they have remained more or less ever since.
Bond's work reflects the changing political, social, and cultural aspects of India, whether it was the rise of the Hindu nationalist movement in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries or the emergence of a mixed Anglo-Indian identity and the way they dealt with it and persisted in their tireless efforts to survive as writers.
Bond said that while his autobiographical work "Rains in the Mountains" is about his years in Mussoorie, "Behind the Scenes of a Writer's Life" describes his first 21 years in India.
At the center are Bond's attempts to find his place in the world and his desire to return to India, especially Doon. Ruskin Bond was born in British India as the son of Edith Clarke and Aubrey Alexander Bond and completed his schooling at the Royal College of Art in London and subsequently at Oxford University. Padma Bhushan, "Behind the Scenes of a Writer's Life," is the first biography of an Indian author of British descent who began weaving stories at the age of 17.
After moving to the UK for a few years after leaving school, he returned to India and eventually settled in Dehradun. Rusty spent most of his early years in his Indian hometown of Calcutta, a small town in the heart of the country.
Ruskin Bond is deeply connected to Dehra and most of his stories are inspired by the hills and valleys of the region. Although the children's book author is the day he is usually associated with, Bond didn't start writing for children until he was in his 40s. Whether you want to write for adults or children depends entirely on your mood, but I did not start writing about children in my forts until the late 1970s.
Ruskin Bond's relationship with Bollywood began when spirited feminist author Ismat Chughtai recommended his novella "The Flight of the Doves" to film director Shyam Benegal. In 1978 Benegal made the book the basis for his film "Bhagat Singh," the first film in the Bond series.
In 2005, Bollywood director Vishal Bhardwaj made his first film, "The Blue Umbrella," based on Ruskin's novella "Bond and the Seven Husbands," a story about Bond's relationship with Susanna, the protagonist's wife. He then made a film with the same name as "Blue rebrella" and later made the Bond story "Susanna and Seven Husbands." In 2010 Ruskin's Bond made his first appearance in the film adaptation of "Virgin Bond," based on the novel by his friend and co-author Shashi Tharoor. 

The Book

The best of Ruskin bond{cover}
Here is the book cover total length is 490 pages. And has short lovely stories minimum of three pages. Its so easy to read and understand. Best book for new readers

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